uAccept Point of Sale

Businesses love uAccept because it’s affordable, easy to use, and easy to manage!


Built-In POS Software Makes It Easy

Application/Software Features

Full QSR or Retail Application

Choose from a menu-driven QSR application or retail application, perfect for using the optional barcode scanner.

uText Integration

Your customers can send text message orders directly to the POS and you can text confirmation replies with uText integration. You can also offer your customers the convenience of texting their receipts!

Customer Loyalty

Reward your customers and yourself with the FREE customer loyalty program. Add new members directly on the POS and prompt your employees to ask customers to join.

Bitcoin Integration

The only affordable POS with bitcoin processing allows your business to stay ahead of the technology curve.

Social Media

Send your customers tweets about product specials, discounts, and more directly from the POS.

Phone Ordering

Charge customers over the phone or resume their order if they pay at pickup.

View your business overview in one location.

View daily, weekly, and monthly sales, access new notifications such as software updates, and use any of the Quick Links to access your account settings easily.

Easily add products and pricing to your POS.

Add up to 20,000 products and unlimited categories

Any device, any time.

Stay on top of your business by accessing your cloud-based account from any Internet connected device.

Add and authorize users.

Set up POS and cloud software users with different permissions and logins. Maintain complete control over the security of your data and access to your POS.

Run reports for business analytics and to find specific data.

View real time reports, including shift reports and daily reports. Analyze trends, set filters to find specific data, and view your sales by day, week, or month.

Manage multiple POS devices in one account.

Whether you have one or one hundred stores, all data flows into your uAccept account. Growing your business to new locations is much easier with uAccept!

Scheduled screen display.

Create customized screens to display combinations of products on your POS. Select the days, times, products, and layout for each screen display. You also have the option to modify product prices when adding products to your scheduled screen display, perfect for your “Happy Hour” or “Lunch Special” menu.

Modify prices as you sell.

Unsure of what a product’s price may be? Do the prices of your products vary? The uAccept POS allows you to modify the default price of your product as you ring it up.

Send data directly to QuickBooks™.

Your uAccept account saves you time with seamless QuickBooks integration. Sales are imported automatically from the POS to QuickBooks Desktop™ or QuickBooks Online™.