Gift & Loyalty Cards

Gift cards are a smart way to attract new customers and encourage repeat business. A gift card program builds your brand, increases revenue, reduces cash refunds, and welcomes new customers through your door. Unlike paper gift certificates that are often cumbersome to deal with and vulnerable to fraud, a plastic gift card is a durable, reloadable advertisement for your business. Fifth Manhattan offers a comprehensive electronic gift card solution for single or multi-store merchants.

  • High-margin sale for merchant
  • Full value is rarely used, creating a deficit that favors the merchant
  • Can be used for returns in lieu of giving back cash
  • Improves brand awareness like a palm-sized advertisement
  • Makes your business seem larger and more up-to-date than you might be perceived otherwise
  • More secure from fraud and theft versus paper certificates
  • Easier to account for than paper
  • Comprehensive on-line reporting for card auditing, tracking and reconciliation
  • Merchants can use the secure, online balance and gift card accounting system. This simplifies the tax liability inherent with prepaid certificates. This allows you to charge a transaction against a customer account in your accounting system.