Debit Cards

One of today’s fastest-growing payment methods, debit cards offer a long list of benefits that customers are starting to rely on. Whether it’s to access cash, buy goods, pay bills or use electronic benefits from government assistance programs, our debit processing with signature- or PIN-secured debit cards can help you meet your customers’ needs—and then some. Fifth Manhattan recognized the value of this payment option and has partnered with most all major debit networks to manage merchant debit transactions. The Fifth Manhattan network is directly integrated with both national and regional debit networks. That’s why we believe Encore offers lower prices and better service than any other processor, bar none.

ATM Debit and Check Debit Cards work like credit cards but are issued by a cardholder’s financial institution and provide direct access to the checking account of the cardholder. Often ATM cards given to bank customers serve as debit cards too. This greatly reduces the chance that a debit transaction will be charged back because funds are directly withdrawn from the cardholder’s checking account.