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GlobalOnePay Auto Account Updater. Automatically update card changes, reduce declined transactions.

GlobalOnePay Auto Account Updater Automatically update card changes. Reduce declined transactions. Credit card declines are a fact of life in eCommerce, but they shouldn’t be a constant drain on your revenue flow or a bottleneck for recurring subscription payments. Auto Account Updater technology, available on the GlobalOnePay payment processing platform, automatically updates buyers’ Visa or […]

Eight in 10 Americans aware of contactless payments

Roughly 82% of US consumers have heard of contactless or tap-and-go payments and 69% are now using chip cards or plan to use them soon, research from MasterCard reveals. Three quarters of Americans have also heard of biometric payments and 56% are currently making in-app and online mobile payments.   Of the 1,000 respondents surveyed for […]