Our Employee First Culture



“Talent is the whole ball game.” When you surround yourself with hugely talented, passionate, dedicated, and genuinely kind people, we believe you will succeed in whatever you do.

As an employer, we believe that we have a moral obligation to create a workplace where people get up out of bed and look forward to coming to work in the morning. We often hear employees say, “Working here has helped me become a much better communicator” or “Having this job has really helped my marriage.” Working alongside great people makes you go home at night feeling great about everything you accomplished that day and thrilled to get out of bed and go back to work the next morning to reach for the stars again.

And these GREAT people stick around – we have a very low turnover in an industry where the average employee doesn’t even stay a year.

Economist Milton Friedman once said that the only reason a corporation exists is to maximize the return of the shareholder. Well, with all due respect to Milton, we’ve found that if you really and truly take better care of the employee than anybody else (instead of just myopically focusing on the shareholder), your employee will take better care of your customer than anybody else. And if those two are ecstatic, then wonderfully and ironically, the shareholder will be ecstatic, too!

This philosophy has been at the heart of Fifth Manhattan’s culture since 1998. It’s because of our employee first culture that we have continued to grow and be successful year after year.