Man in the Desert Selling



This is our selling philosophy. Imagine a man lost in the desert. He stumbles across an oasis where he’s offered a glass of water, because surely he must be thirsty. But if you stop to think about what he’s just been through and what his needs really are, you know that he needs more than just water. He needs food, a comfortable place to sleep, a phone to call his wife and family, certainly a pair of shoes or a hat for the sun, and much, much more.

So when a merchant just wants to talk about rates, we ask questions to understand all of their needs, starting with rates, but then uncovering needs the merchant didn’t even know they had. Nobody wants to come across as a pushy salesperson, but if you fail to understand your merchant’s transaction environment, you’re failing to truly help them.

This puts the moral imperative on selling versus not selling. Service and selling are the same thing. You can either help/help or hurt/hurt – you can help the merchant by astonishing them and giving them the solution they actually need and help the company at the same time. Or, you can hurt the merchant by not doing so – and also hurt the company.